I read many reviews of the Waldo Arms before traveling to Kaktovik, and was left wondering if I should pack a roll of duct tape, LOL!! Let me assure you, it is a fine place to stay while visiting the Alaskan Arctic. We were warm, well fed, and the staff was very nice. Our stay was arranged as part of an all-inclusive polar bear tour, so I can't speak to the costs of food and lodging. The quality, and quantity, of food was great, and I slept soundly each night. I don't know anything about other lodging options in Kaktovik. I found the Waldo Arms to be just fine and would stay there again, should I find myself in Kaktovik.

Date of stay: October 2018

Laura G24Reviewed January 19, 2017 5 Star Charm!

We spent our 5year wedding anniversary out in Kaktovik this past September. We read the trip advisor reviews and saw the photos. The photos can make anyone a little questionable. We were ready for an adventure and an adventure we got, but not with the hotel! The hotel was fabulous!

The food was delicious! The cooks very accommodating and everything was truly yummy. One of the nights the food was served buffet style and the other nights it was made to order. We would get back from our boat tours with Akook Arctic Adventures (which I definitely recommend!) and the chef, Roger, I believe, was there to take our order on how we wanted our meat cooked. The dining area is family style and we were able to talk to other travelers/adventurists/photographers. If you aren't the social type, they also had a few solitary tables to accommodate you as well. Some locals from Kaktovik would also come to Waldo Arms for the food during lunch and dinner hours. It was great meeting people who call Kaktovik home.

The rooms were very basic but comfortable! We didn't go to Kaktovik to watch television but the television there had more channels then we have at our house in Fairbanks! The outlets all worked and we were able to see the water from our window.

All the people working the hotel including Merylin and Walt were fabulous. Ravn air also has an office in Waldo. Ravn employees were so helpful and friendly. We ended up getting to spend an extra day in Kaktovik due to a flooded runway. The only real negative was that we didn't have another boat trip to see more polar bears! I would definitely recommend everyone going to Kaktovik to pick up travel insurance for this trip. We were able to be partially reimbursed for the extra night!

If we were to do the trip again, we wouldn't change a thing! We hope to head back, when we save up more money! We will definitely plan on staying back at Waldo Arms, it was a perfect stay! :)

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